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Zenfolio Redesigned

Zenfolio is an e-commerce website for freelancing photographers and artists to display their creativity and sell them by creating their own gallery. 


Software's: Power point, Photoshop


Programming: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery



Unorgazied and complicated site to use
Solution was to redesign and work on the Information Architecture and site map to make it simple, organized and user friendly  .



Student's Project

1. Research:


Firstly we did a lot of research to understand the flow of the website. Each section was taken by every individual to work on the research part. I was working on the client communication part.

2. Information Architecture:


With the help of card sorting method we were able to build a simple Information architecture.

A team of two was given a particular section to design and code base on the IA.

I worked on orders section of Zenfolio site.







Order section was the back end part of the site. It was for the photographers and artists to keep track of their orders, products and payments.

We came up with simple workflow by categorizing it into three major categories

  1. Orders: the photographer/artist can check his orders status and payment report.
  2. Merchandise: here the photographer/artist can create a price list, product bundle or even customize his products.
  3. Special offers: The photographer/artist can create and receive gift coupons and gift certificate.




4. Wireframes: 


Low fidelity wireframes were created and user testing was conducted on paper prototype.

5. UI Kit:


A UI kit was designed and shared among all to maintain the design consistency. 

6. Coding in HTML ,CSS, JavaScript and jQuery.


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