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PhilaU IOS App. 


PhilaU app is a college mobile application for Philadelphia University. It is used by college students, alumni, faculty and staff who are on campus to get information related to the university. 

Interface design: Photoshop, Illustrator


Prototyping: Keynote


Problem: PhilaU app has no design consistency, which makes the app complicated to use.


It has functionality problem as many of the contents and buttons over lap each other. 


The Information Architecture needs to be fixed. 


Challenges I faced  - There is link to Black Board, Tapestry (textile design gallery) and PhilaU image gallery with untitled images.  

College mobile app used to submit assignments or to buy course materials.

Solution- The main intention of college apps is to provide information related to college, on one click.  




In the image is the current sitemap. I studied the flow and came up with a simple a Information Architecture.  

Site map:


This is a new site map where I redesigned the login and create profile section. 

User Flow:
I came up with this easy to create profile user flow.

The low fidelity wireframes and the screen flow 

PhilaU UI Kit:


 Keeping in mind the branding and color pallete of the PhilaU, I designed this UI kit using the IOS human interface guidelines.

PhilaU Interface

High fidelity wireframes and the screen flow

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