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Social Networking Website For Women

VProud is social networking plus a video blogging site for women. The target audience is typical American women, whether that be a homemaker, single mothers, working women, a teenager, mothers of special kids, divorcées, women having marriage problems or health problems, etc.

Pain Point

Sometimes women, want to talk and share with someone very personal issues, things that bother them, things they don't feel comfortable sharing with know people around. like friends and family members. 

Find a place to help such women to share and discuss problems with other anonymous women facing the same issues or who have faced such issues and seek help.

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Considering the mental state of women seeking help on sensitive issues, VProud wants to create a platform to help provide a very safe and troll-proof site.

User Research

The website redesign required a vast amount of research, user testing, and interviewing to determine the target audiences and their pain points. Furthermore, numerous qualitative and quantitative data were gathered from user testing, card sorting, surveys, visual content blocking, competitive and comparative analysis, information architecture analysis as well as a potential new user and current user interviews.

The end goal for the redesign, as discovered through constant research and usability testing, was to create a satisfying user experience through refining the navigation, simplifying and prioritizing website features, clarifying iconography and language, and highlighting to users the unique selling points of


The new refined navigation was designed to help users navigate smoothly through the website and find the purpose for new users by streamlining the previous 50+ navigation options into a simplified, less-complicated user experience.

One of the most challenging parts of the project was to convey to users the exclusive features that offers, confirm they were able to understand the purpose of the functions by user testing, and furthermore how to best utilize them to enrich each unique individual's user experience.

One of these features is the ability to, within a single user account, create two profiles – one for standard posting with the actual user's name, profile photo, and social media links and another if the user wishes to remain anonymous with all private information. The result of the redesign was a short, initial onboarding and a static toggle system, utilizing color signifiers, which allows users to easily switch back and forth between profiles and see which profile mode they're in without the inconvenience of logging out and back in again.

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