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Trip planner for Surfers

Surf Seek

Surf Seek is a website that helps surfers plan a perfect beach destination having perfect waves for their memorable experience  


User Research

Conducted survey and user interviews
Why? - to understand the needs and pain points of the target audience, i.e., Surfers.



  • There is no single platform for planning a trip for a surfer. 

  •  While designing a website for surfers, the Surfer community is kept in mind, but it becomes tricky when traveling with family.  

  • Surfers need a local person to contact for more information regarding the beach and the waves.


Create a single platform website for the surfer community where they can search for beautiful beaches with perfect waves and plan their next trip anywhere around the world with their family or friends. The surfers can research different beaches by contacting local surfers to find recommendations and book flights and hotels using this platform. 

Task Flow Examples

Mid Fidelity Wireframes

iMac Screen

UI Design and Style guide

Created a mood board to come up with color schemes. Originated the UI Design and simultaneously created a design library and style guide for the developer's future reference 

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