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I am Neha, a UX Designer! I have experience at every level of product development and have helped clients build pixel-perfect seamless products. I feel a remarkable achievement in finding solutions to the customers' problems by incorporating them into the process. My expertise is in understanding clients' business goals and customers' pain points and finding the north star to solve their problems. It is essential to  convey "Why" to the stakeholders and help them stay focused on high-priority tasks.


Multi-Speciality Hospital Website Revamp

  • UX Resercher, UX/UI Designer.
  • 1 Year Project, On Going Project
  • Surveys, Interviews, Feature Prioritization, Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis, Sketching, Wireframing & Prototyping in Figma, User Testing.

E-commerce Website Revamp  

  • UX Researcher, UX/UI Designer.
  • Five weeks Project,
  • User Research, Competitive Research, Survey, Personas, Task Flows, Sketching, Wireframes, and Prototype in Figma 

Travel and Tourism 

  • UX/UI Designer

  • Four months project

  • Sketch, Invison, Adobe Creative Suite.

Homepage Destination_edited.jpg

Social Media Website Revamp 

  • UX/UI Designer.
  • 3 weeks Project,
  • Sketch, Invision
Desktop Splash video screen.png

Wearable with App

  • UX/UI Designer and Developer.
  • 1year Project (Master Thesis),
  • Adobe Creative Suite, Arduino, Processing, Keynote, PHP 
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